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Medal Winners

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Year Event Athlete Medal Country Result
1996 Soccer Women Michelle Akers GOLD USA
1996 Brandi Chastain GOLD USA
1996 Joy Fawcett GOLD USA
1996 Julie Foudy GOLD USA
1996 Carin Gabarra GOLD USA
1996 Mia Hamm GOLD USA
1996 Mary Harvey GOLD USA
1996 Kristine Lilly GOLD USA
1996 Shannon MacMillan GOLD USA
1996 Tiffeny Milbrett GOLD USA
1996 Carla Overbeck GOLD USA
1996 Cindy Parlow GOLD USA
1996 Tiffany Roberts GOLD USA
1996 Briana Scurry GOLD USA
1996 Tisha Venturini GOLD USA
1996 Staci Wilson GOLD USA
1996 Huilin Xie SILVER CHN
1996 Hongqi Yu SILVER CHN
1996 Lihong Zhao SILVER CHN
1996 Honglian Zhong SILVER CHN
1996 Liping Wang SILVER CHN
1996 Haiying Wei SILVER CHN
1996 Lirong Wen SILVER CHN
1996 Guihong Shi SILVER CHN
1996 Qingxia Shui SILVER CHN
1996 Qingmei Sun SILVER CHN
1996 Wen Sun SILVER CHN
1996 Ailing Liu SILVER CHN
1996 Ying Liu SILVER CHN
1996 Hong Gao SILVER CHN
1996 Yunjie Fan SILVER CHN
1996 Yufeng Chen SILVER CHN
1996 Gro Espeseth BRONZE NOR
1996 Agnete Carlsen BRONZE NOR
1996 Ann Kristin Aarones BRONZE NOR
1996 Tone Gunn Frustol BRONZE NOR
1996 Tone Haugen BRONZE NOR
1996 Linda Medalen BRONZE NOR
1996 Tina Svensson BRONZE NOR
1996 Trine Tangeraas BRONZE NOR
1996 Reidun Seth BRONZE NOR
1996 Brit Sandaune BRONZE NOR
1996 Marianne Pettersen BRONZE NOR
1996 Hege Riise BRONZE NOR
1996 Merete Myklebust BRONZE NOR
1996 Bente Nordby BRONZE NOR
1996 Nina Nymark Andersen BRONZE NOR
2000 Soccer Women Gro Espeseth GOLD NOR
2000 Kristin Bekkevold GOLD NOR
2000 Christine Boe Jensen GOLD NOR
2000 Ragnhild Gulbrandsen GOLD NOR
2000 Solveig Gulbrandsen GOLD NOR
2000 Margunn Haugenes GOLD NOR
2000 Ingeborg Hovland GOLD NOR
2000 Silje Joergensen GOLD NOR
2000 Monica Knudsen GOLD NOR
2000 Goeril Kringen GOLD NOR
2000 Bente Kvitland GOLD NOR
2000 Unni Lehn GOLD NOR
2000 Dagny Mellgren GOLD NOR
2000 Bente Nordby GOLD NOR
2000 Marianne Pettersen GOLD NOR
2000 Brit Sandaune GOLD NOR
2000 Anita Rapp GOLD NOR
2000 Hege Riise GOLD NOR
2000 Briana Scurry SILVER USA
2000 Nikki Serlenga SILVER USA
2000 Danielle Slaton SILVER USA
2000 Sara Whalen SILVER USA
2000 Carla Overbeck SILVER USA
2000 Cindy Parlow SILVER USA
2000 Shannon MacMillan SILVER USA
2000 Kate Markgraf SILVER USA
2000 Brandi Chastain SILVER USA
2000 Siri Mullinix SILVER USA
2000 Christie Rampone Pearce SILVER USA
2000 Tiffeny Milbrett SILVER USA
2000 Kristine Lilly SILVER USA
2000 Mia Hamm SILVER USA
2000 Lorrie Fair SILVER USA
2000 Joy Fawcett SILVER USA
2000 Julie Foudy SILVER USA
2000 Michelle French SILVER USA
2000 Jeannette Götte BRONZE GER
2000 Stefanie Gottschlich BRONZE GER
2000 Inka Grings BRONZE GER
2000 Doris Fitschen BRONZE GER
2000 Nadine Angerer BRONZE GER
2000 Nicole Brandebusemeyer BRONZE GER
2000 Steffi Jones BRONZE GER
2000 Ariane Hingst BRONZE GER
2000 Melanie Hoffmann BRONZE GER
2000 Renate Lingor BRONZE GER
2000 Sandra Minnert BRONZE GER
2000 Claudia Müller BRONZE GER
2000 Maren Meinert BRONZE GER
2000 Birgit Prinz BRONZE GER
2000 Bettina Wiegmann BRONZE GER
2000 Tina Wunderlich BRONZE GER
2000 Kerstin Stegemann BRONZE GER
2000 Silke Rottenberg BRONZE GER
2004 Soccer Women Joy Fawcett GOLD USA
2004 Shannon Boxx GOLD USA
2004 Brandi Chastain GOLD USA
2004 Julie Foudy GOLD USA
2004 Mia Hamm GOLD USA
2004 Angela Hucles GOLD USA
2004 Briana Scurry GOLD USA
2004 Christie Rampone Pearce GOLD USA
2004 Cat Reddick GOLD USA
2004 Lindsay Tarpley GOLD USA
2004 Aly Wagner GOLD USA
2004 Abby Wambach GOLD USA
2004 Kristine Lilly GOLD USA
2004 Kate Markgraf GOLD USA
2004 Heather Mitts GOLD USA
2004 Heather O'Reilly GOLD USA
2004 Cindy Parlow GOLD USA
2004 Pretinha SILVER BRA
2004 Monica SILVER BRA
2004 Marta SILVER BRA
2004 Maycon SILVER BRA
2004 Juliana SILVER BRA
2004 Kelly SILVER BRA
2004 Costa Renata SILVER BRA
2004 Rosana SILVER BRA
2004 Roseli SILVER BRA
2004 Tania SILVER BRA
2004 Grazielle SILVER BRA
2004 Cristiane SILVER BRA
2004 Daniela SILVER BRA
2004 Elaine SILVER BRA
2004 Formiga SILVER BRA
2004 Aline SILVER BRA
2004 Andreia SILVER BRA
2004 Isabell Bachor BRONZE GER
2004 Sarah Günther BRONZE GER
2004 Sonja Fuss BRONZE GER
2004 Kerstin Garefrekes BRONZE GER
2004 Steffi Jones BRONZE GER
2004 Ariane Hingst BRONZE GER
2004 Kerstin Stegemann BRONZE GER
2004 Silke Rottenberg BRONZE GER
2004 Petra Wimbersky BRONZE GER
2004 Pia Wunderlich BRONZE GER
2004 Renate Lingor BRONZE GER
2004 Sandra Minnert BRONZE GER
2004 Martina Müller BRONZE GER
2004 Viola Odebrecht BRONZE GER
2004 Navina Omilade BRONZE GER
2004 Birgit Prinz BRONZE GER
2004 Conny Pohlers BRONZE GER
2008 Soccer Women Nicole Barnhart GOLD USA
2008 Shannon Boxx GOLD USA
2008 Rachel Buehler GOLD USA
2008 Lori Chalupny GOLD USA
2008 Lauren Cheney GOLD USA
2008 Stephanie Cox GOLD USA
2008 Angela Hucles GOLD USA
2008 Natasha Kai GOLD USA
2008 Tobin Heath GOLD USA
2008 Carli Lloyd GOLD USA
2008 Kate Markgraf GOLD USA
2008 Heather Mitts GOLD USA
2008 Heather O'Reilly GOLD USA
2008 Christie Rampone Pearce GOLD USA
2008 Amy Rodriguez GOLD USA
2008 Hope Solo GOLD USA
2008 Lindsay Tarpley GOLD USA
2008 Aly Wagner GOLD USA
2008 Bárbara SILVER BRA
2008 Tânia SILVER BRA
2008 Pretinha SILVER BRA
2008 Rosana SILVER BRA
2008 Andréia Rosa SILVER BRA
2008 Simone SILVER BRA
2008 Maurine SILVER BRA
2008 Maycon SILVER BRA
2008 Marta SILVER BRA
2008 Cristiane SILVER BRA
2008 Daniela SILVER BRA
2008 Érika SILVER BRA
2008 Ester SILVER BRA
2008 Fabiana SILVER BRA
2008 Formiga SILVER BRA
2008 Francielle SILVER BRA
2008 Renata Costa SILVER BRA
2008 Andréia SILVER BRA
2008 Nadine Angerer BRONZE GER
2008 Fatmire Bajramaj BRONZE GER
2008 Linda Bresonik BRONZE GER
2008 Saskia Bartusiak BRONZE GER
2008 Melanie Behringer BRONZE GER
2008 Kerstin Garefrekes BRONZE GER
2008 Ariane Hingst BRONZE GER
2008 Ursula Holl BRONZE GER
2008 Annike Krahn BRONZE GER
2008 Simone Laudehr BRONZE GER
2008 Renate Lingor BRONZE GER
2008 Anja Mittag BRONZE GER
2008 Babett Peter BRONZE GER
2008 Conny Pohlers BRONZE GER
2008 Célia Okoyino da Mbabi BRONZE GER
2008 Sandra Smisek BRONZE GER
2008 Birgit Prinz BRONZE GER
2008 Kerstin Stegemann BRONZE GER

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