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Medal Winners

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Year Event Athlete Medal Country Result
1920 Ice Hockey Konrad Johannesson GOLD CAN
1920 Allan Woodman GOLD CAN
1920 Slim Halderson GOLD CAN
1920 Frank Fredrickson GOLD CAN
1920 Mike Goodman GOLD CAN
1920 Chris Fridfinnson GOLD CAN
1920 Robert Benson GOLD CAN
1920 Wally Byron GOLD CAN
1920 Raymond Bonney SILVER USA
1920 Anthony Conroy SILVER USA
1920 Herb Drury SILVER USA
1920 John Fitzgerald SILVER USA
1920 George Geran SILVER USA
1920 Francis Goheen SILVER USA
1920 Joe McCormick SILVER USA
1920 Larry McCormick SILVER USA
1920 Francis Synott SILVER USA
1920 Cyril Weidenborner SILVER USA
1920 Leon Tuck SILVER USA
1920 Karel Hartmann BRONZE CZE
1920 Karel Kotrbá BRONZE CZE
1920 Josef Loos BRONZE CZE
1920 Vilém Loos BRONZE CZE
1920 Jan Palous BRONZE CZE
1920 Jan Peka BRONZE CZE
1920 Karel Pesek BRONZE CZE
1920 Josef Sroubek BRONZE CZE
1920 Karel Wälzer BRONZE CZE
1920 Otto Vindys BRONZE CZE
1924 Ice Hockey Jack Cameron GOLD CAN
1924 Ernie Collett GOLD CAN
1924 Duncan Munro GOLD CAN
1924 Beattie Ramsay GOLD CAN
1924 Harry Watson GOLD CAN
1924 Reginald Smith GOLD CAN
1924 Bert McCaffrey GOLD CAN
1924 Cyril Slater GOLD CAN
1924 Harold McMunn GOLD CAN
1924 Francis Synott SILVER USA
1924 Irving Small SILVER USA
1924 Willard Rice SILVER USA
1924 John Lyons SILVER USA
1924 Justin McCarthy SILVER USA
1924 Alphonse Lacroix SILVER USA
1924 John Langley SILVER USA
1924 Herb Drury SILVER USA
1924 Clarence Abel SILVER USA
1924 William Anderson BRONZE GBR
1924 Lorne Carr-Harris BRONZE GBR
1924 Colin Carruthers BRONZE GBR
1924 Eric Carruthers BRONZE GBR
1924 Guy Clarkson BRONZE GBR
1924 Ross Cuthbert BRONZE GBR
1924 George Holmes BRONZE GBR
1924 Hamilton Jukes BRONZE GBR
1924 Edward Pitblado BRONZE GBR
1924 Blane Sexton BRONZE GBR
1928 Ice Hockey Joseph Sullivan GOLD CAN
1928 Ross Taylor GOLD CAN
1928 John Porter GOLD CAN
1928 Louis Hudson GOLD CAN
1928 Dave Trottier GOLD CAN
1928 Norbert Mueller GOLD CAN
1928 Hugh Plaxton GOLD CAN
1928 Frank Sullivan GOLD CAN
1928 Frank Fisher GOLD CAN
1928 Herbert Plaxton GOLD CAN
1928 Rod Plaxton GOLD CAN
1928 Charlie Delahay GOLD CAN
1928 Carl Abrahamsson SILVER SWE
1928 Emil Bergman SILVER SWE
1928 Birger Holmquist SILVER SWE
1928 Gustaf Johansson SILVER SWE
1928 Henry Johansson SILVER SWE
1928 Nils Johansson SILVER SWE
1928 Ernst Karlberg SILVER SWE
1928 Erik Larsson SILVER SWE
1928 Bertil Linde SILVER SWE
1928 Sigfrid Öberg SILVER SWE
1928 Wilhelm Petersén SILVER SWE
1928 Kurt Sucksdorff SILVER SWE
1928 Riccardo Torriani BRONZE SUI
1928 Fritz Kraatz BRONZE SUI
1928 Luzius Rüedi BRONZE SUI
1928 Louis Dufour BRONZE SUI
1928 Charles Fasel BRONZE SUI
1928 Albert Geromini BRONZE SUI
1928 Arnold Martignoni BRONZE SUI
1928 Heini Meng BRONZE SUI
1928 Anton Morosani BRONZE SUI
1928 Giannin Andreossi BRONZE SUI
1928 Mezzi Andreossi BRONZE SUI
1928 Robert Breiter BRONZE SUI
1932 Ice Hockey Albert Duncanson GOLD CAN
1932 Hugh Sutherland GOLD CAN
1932 Roy Hinkel GOLD CAN
1932 Wally Monson GOLD CAN
1932 Victor Lindquist GOLD CAN
1932 Romeo Rivers GOLD CAN
1932 Joe Simpson GOLD CAN
1932 Norman Malloy GOLD CAN
1932 Aliston Wise GOLD CAN
1932 George Garbutt GOLD CAN
1932 Kenneth Moore GOLD CAN
1932 Stanley Wagner GOLD CAN
1932 Cliff Crowley GOLD CAN
1932 William Cockburn GOLD CAN
1932 Ty Anderson SILVER USA
1932 John Bent SILVER USA
1932 Douglas Everett SILVER USA
1932 Franklin Farrell SILVER USA
1932 Joseph Fitzgerald SILVER USA
1932 Edwin Frazier SILVER USA
1932 John Cookman SILVER USA
1932 John Chase SILVER USA
1932 Robert Livingston SILVER USA
1932 Gerald Hallock SILVER USA
1932 John Garrison SILVER USA
1932 Winthrop Palmer SILVER USA
1932 Francis Nelson SILVER USA
1932 Gordon Smith SILVER USA
1932 Rudi Ball BRONZE GER
1932 Alfred Heinrich BRONZE GER
1932 Erich Herker BRONZE GER
1932 Gustav Jaenecke BRONZE GER
1932 Werner Korff BRONZE GER
1932 Walter Leinweber BRONZE GER
1932 Erich Römer BRONZE GER
1932 Martin Schröttle BRONZE GER
1932 Marquardt Slevogt BRONZE GER
1932 George Strobl BRONZE GER
1936 Ice Hockey Alexander Archer GOLD GBR
1936 Jimmy Borland GOLD GBR
1936 Edgar Brenchley GOLD GBR
1936 James Chappell GOLD GBR
1936 John Coward GOLD GBR
1936 Gordon Dailley GOLD GBR
1936 Gerry Davey GOLD GBR
1936 Carl Erhardt GOLD GBR
1936 James Foster GOLD GBR
1936 John Kilpatrick GOLD GBR
1936 Archie Stinchcombe GOLD GBR
1936 Bob Wyman GOLD GBR
1936 Maxwell Deacon SILVER CAN
1936 Kenneth Farmer-Horn SILVER CAN
1936 Hugh Farquharson SILVER CAN
1936 James Haggarty SILVER CAN
1936 Walter Kitchen SILVER CAN
1936 Raymond Milton SILVER CAN
1936 Herman Murray SILVER CAN
1936 Arthur Nash SILVER CAN
1936 Dave Neville SILVER CAN
1936 Dinty Moore SILVER CAN
1936 Ralph Saint Germain SILVER CAN
1936 Alexander Sinclair SILVER CAN
1936 Bill Thomson SILVER CAN
1936 Gordon Smith BRONZE USA
1936 Francis Spain BRONZE USA
1936 Frank Stubbs BRONZE USA
1936 Francis Shaughnessy BRONZE USA
1936 Elbridge Ross BRONZE USA
1936 Paul Rowe BRONZE USA
1936 Thomas Moon BRONZE USA
1936 John Garrison BRONZE USA
1936 Philip LaBatte BRONZE USA
1936 John Lax BRONZE USA
1936 August Kammer BRONZE USA
1948 Ice Hockey Murray Dowey GOLD CAN
1948 Frank Dunster GOLD CAN
1948 Jean Gravelle GOLD CAN
1948 Patsy Guzzo GOLD CAN
1948 Wally Halder GOLD CAN
1948 Ted Hibberd GOLD CAN
1948 Henri-André Laperričre GOLD CAN
1948 John Lecompte GOLD CAN
1948 George Mara GOLD CAN
1948 Albert Renaud GOLD CAN
1948 Reginald Schroeter GOLD CAN
1948 Irving Taylor GOLD CAN
1948 Vladimír Bouzek SILVER CZE
1948 Gustav Bubník SILVER CZE
1948 Jaroslav Drobny SILVER CZE
1948 Premysl Hajny SILVER CZE
1948 Miloslav Pokorny SILVER CZE
1948 Václav Rozinák SILVER CZE
1948 Stanislav Konopásek SILVER CZE
1948 Bohumil Modry SILVER CZE
1948 Zdenek Jarkovsky SILVER CZE
1948 Oldrich Zábrodský SILVER CZE
1948 Vladimir Zábrodský SILVER CZE
1948 Miroslav Sláma SILVER CZE
1948 Karel Stibor SILVER CZE
1948 Vilibald Stovík SILVER CZE
1948 Ladislav Troják SILVER CZE
1948 Josef Trousílek SILVER CZE
1948 Ferdinand Cattini BRONZE SUI
1948 Hans Cattini BRONZE SUI
1948 Hans Bänninger BRONZE SUI
1948 Alfred Bieler BRONZE SUI
1948 Heinrich Boller BRONZE SUI
1948 Reto Perl BRONZE SUI
1948 Gebhard Poltera BRONZE SUI
1948 Ulrich Poltera BRONZE SUI
1948 Beat Rüedi BRONZE SUI
1948 Emil Handschin BRONZE SUI
1948 Hans Dürst BRONZE SUI
1948 Walter Dürst BRONZE SUI
1948 Otto Schubiger BRONZE SUI
1948 Heini Lohrer BRONZE SUI
1948 Werner Lohrer BRONZE SUI
1948 Riccardo Torriani BRONZE SUI
1948 Hans-Martin Trepp BRONZE SUI
1952 Ice Hockey John Davies GOLD CAN
1952 William Dawe GOLD CAN
1952 Donald Gauf GOLD CAN
1952 William Gibson GOLD CAN
1952 Ralph Hansch GOLD CAN
1952 Robert Meyers GOLD CAN
1952 David Miller GOLD CAN
1952 Eric Paterson GOLD CAN
1952 Thomas Pollock GOLD CAN
1952 Allan Purvis GOLD CAN
1952 Gordon Robertson GOLD CAN
1952 Louis Secco GOLD CAN
1952 Francis Sullivan GOLD CAN
1952 Robert Watt GOLD CAN
1952 George Abel GOLD CAN
1952 Robert Dickson GOLD CAN
1952 Gerald Kilmartin SILVER USA
1952 Leonard Ceglarski SILVER USA
1952 Andre Gambucci SILVER USA
1952 Clifford Harrison SILVER USA
1952 Joseph Czarnota SILVER USA
1952 Richard Desmond SILVER USA
1952 Reuben Bjorkman SILVER USA
1952 John Mulhern SILVER USA
1952 John Noah SILVER USA
1952 Arnold Oss SILVER USA
1952 Robert Rompre SILVER USA
1952 James Sedin SILVER USA
1952 Allen Van SILVER USA
1952 Donald Whiston SILVER USA
1952 Kenneth Yackel SILVER USA
1952 Lars Svensson BRONZE SWE
1952 Sven Thunman BRONZE SWE
1952 Lars Pettersson BRONZE SWE
1952 Hans Öberg BRONZE SWE
1952 Holger Nurmela BRONZE SWE
1952 Ĺke Lassas BRONZE SWE
1952 Rune Johansson BRONZE SWE
1952 Sven Johansson BRONZE SWE
1952 Erik Johansson BRONZE SWE
1952 Gösta Johansson BRONZE SWE
1952 Thord Flodqvist BRONZE SWE
1952 Lars Björn BRONZE SWE
1952 Göte Blomqvist BRONZE SWE
1952 Göte Almqvist BRONZE SWE
1952 Ĺke Andersson BRONZE SWE
1952 Hans Andersson BRONZE SWE
1952 Stig Andersson BRONZE SWE
1956 Ice Hockey Yevgeny Babich GOLD URS
1956 Vsevolod Bobrov GOLD URS
1956 Nikolay Khlystov GOLD URS
1956 Aleksey Guryshev GOLD URS
1956 Jury Krylov GOLD URS
1956 Alfred Kuchevsky GOLD URS
1956 Valentin Kuzin GOLD URS
1956 Grigory Mkrtychan GOLD URS
1956 Viktor Nikiforov GOLD URS
1956 Jury Pantyukhov GOLD URS
1956 Nikolay Puchkov GOLD URS
1956 Viktor Shuvalov GOLD URS
1956 Genrikh Sidorenkov GOLD URS
1956 Nikolay Sologubov GOLD URS
1956 Ivan Tregubov GOLD URS
1956 Dmitry Ukolov GOLD URS
1956 Aleksandr Uvarov GOLD URS
1956 William Cleary SILVER USA
1956 Richard Meredith SILVER USA
1956 John Mayasich SILVER USA
1956 Richard Rodenheiser SILVER USA
1956 Donald Rigazio SILVER USA
1956 Edward Sampson SILVER USA
1956 John Petroske SILVER USA
1956 Kenneth Purpur SILVER USA
1956 John Matchefts SILVER USA
1956 Daniel McKinnon SILVER USA
1956 Wendell Anderson SILVER USA
1956 Richard Dougherty SILVER USA
1956 Gordon Christian SILVER USA
1956 Wellington Burtnett SILVER USA
1956 Eugene Campbell SILVER USA
1956 Willard Ikola SILVER USA
1956 Weldy Olson SILVER USA
1956 Denis Brodeur BRONZE CAN
1956 Charlie Brooker BRONZE CAN
1956 William Colvin BRONZE CAN
1956 Alfred Horne BRONZE CAN
1956 John McKenzie BRONZE CAN
1956 Floyd Martin BRONZE CAN
1956 Byrle Klink BRONZE CAN
1956 Paul Knox BRONZE CAN
1956 Kenneth Laufman BRONZE CAN
1956 Arthur Hurst BRONZE CAN
1956 Howard Lee BRONZE CAN
1956 James Logan BRONZE CAN
1956 Gérald Théberge BRONZE CAN
1956 George Scholes BRONZE CAN
1956 Donald Rope BRONZE CAN
1956 Robert White BRONZE CAN
1956 Keith Woodall BRONZE CAN
1960 Ice Hockey Weldy Olson GOLD USA
1960 Bob Owen GOLD USA
1960 Rodney Paavola GOLD USA
1960 Laurence Palmer GOLD USA
1960 Richard Rodenheiser GOLD USA
1960 Tom Williams GOLD USA
1960 John Mayasich GOLD USA
1960 Jack McCartan GOLD USA
1960 Robert McVey GOLD USA
1960 Richard Meredith GOLD USA
1960 William Cleary GOLD USA
1960 Eugene Grazia GOLD USA
1960 Paul Johnson GOLD USA
1960 John Kirrane GOLD USA
1960 Roger Christian GOLD USA
1960 William Christian GOLD USA
1960 Robert Cleary GOLD USA
1960 Donald Rope SILVER CAN
1960 Bob Rousseau SILVER CAN
1960 George Samolenko SILVER CAN
1960 Harold Hurley SILVER CAN
1960 Harry Sinden SILVER CAN
1960 Darryl Sly SILVER CAN
1960 Kenneth Laufman SILVER CAN
1960 Floyd Martin SILVER CAN
1960 Robert McKnight SILVER CAN
1960 Clifford Pennington SILVER CAN
1960 Donald Head SILVER CAN
1960 Robert Forhan SILVER CAN
1960 Jack Douglas SILVER CAN
1960 Fred Etcher SILVER CAN
1960 James Connelly SILVER CAN
1960 Robert Attersley SILVER CAN
1960 Moe Benoit SILVER CAN
1960 Nikolay Sologubov BRONZE URS
1960 Genrikh Sidorenkov BRONZE URS
1960 Nikolay Puchkov BRONZE URS
1960 Alfred Kuchevsky BRONZE URS
1960 Konstantin Loktev BRONZE URS
1960 Stanislav Petukhov BRONZE URS
1960 Viktor Yakushev BRONZE URS
1960 Yury Baulin BRONZE URS
1960 Mikhail Bychkov BRONZE URS
1960 Vladimir Grebennikov BRONZE URS
1960 Yevgeny Groshev BRONZE URS
1960 Nikolay Karpov BRONZE URS
1960 Viktor Pryazhnikov BRONZE URS
1960 Yury Tsitsinov BRONZE URS
1960 Yevgeny Yorkin BRONZE URS
1960 Veniamin Aleksandrov BRONZE URS
1960 Aleksandr Almetov BRONZE URS
1964 Ice Hockey Aleksandr Almetov GOLD URS
1964 Veniamin Aleksandrov GOLD URS
1964 Viktor Yakushev GOLD URS
1964 Oleg Zaytsev GOLD URS
1964 Boris Mayorov GOLD URS
1964 Stanislav Petukhov GOLD URS
1964 Yevgeny Mayorov GOLD URS
1964 Leonid Volkov GOLD URS
1964 Konstantin Loktev GOLD URS
1964 Anatoly Firsov GOLD URS
1964 Vyacheslav Starshinov GOLD URS
1964 Viktor Kuzkin GOLD URS
1964 Vitaly Davydov GOLD URS
1964 Viktor Konovalenko GOLD URS
1964 Boris Zaytsev GOLD URS
1964 Eduard Ivanov GOLD URS
1964 Aleksandr Ragulin GOLD URS
1964 Kjell Svensson SILVER SWE
1964 Uno Öhrlund SILVER SWE
1964 Ulf Sterner SILVER SWE
1964 Roland Stoltz SILVER SWE
1964 Lennart Hĺggroth SILVER CZE
1964 Nils Johansson SILVER SWE
1964 Lennart Johansson SILVER SWE
1964 Sven Johansson SILVER SWE
1964 Carl-Göran Öberg SILVER SWE
1964 Nils Nilsson SILVER SWE
1964 Lars-Eric Lundvall SILVER SWE
1964 Eilert Määttä SILVER SWE
1964 Hans Mild SILVER SWE
1964 Bert-Ola Nordlander SILVER SWE
1964 Ronald Pettersson SILVER SWE
1964 Anders Andersson SILVER SWE
1964 Gert Blomé SILVER SWE
1964 Stanislav Sventek BRONZE CZE
1964 Ladislav Smíd BRONZE CZE
1964 Miroslav Vlach BRONZE CZE
1964 Frantisek Tikal BRONZE CZE
1964 Jaroslav Walter BRONZE CZE
1964 Jirí Dolana BRONZE CZE
1964 Vladimír Dzurilla BRONZE CZE
1964 Frantisek Gregor BRONZE CZE
1964 Jozef Golonka BRONZE CZE
1964 Vlastimil Bubník BRONZE CZE
1964 Josef Cerny BRONZE CZE
1964 Jaroslav Jirík BRONZE CZE
1964 Jan Klapác BRONZE CZE
1964 Jirí Holík BRONZE CZE
1964 Vladimír Nadrchal BRONZE CZE
1964 Rudolf Potsch BRONZE CZE
1964 Stanislav Pryl BRONZE CZE
1968 Ice Hockey Veniamin Aleksandrov GOLD URS
1968 Aleksandr Ragulin GOLD URS
1968 Viktor Konovalenko GOLD URS
1968 Vitaly Davydov GOLD URS
1968 Viktor Blinov GOLD URS
1968 Viktor Kuzkin GOLD URS
1968 Viktor Polupanov GOLD URS
1968 Anatoly Ionov GOLD URS
1968 Yevgeny Mishakov GOLD URS
1968 Vyacheslav Starshinov GOLD URS
1968 Vladimir Vikulov GOLD URS
1968 Yury Moiseyev GOLD URS
1968 Anatoly Firsov GOLD URS
1968 Viktor Zinger GOLD URS
1968 Igor Romishevsky GOLD URS
1968 Boris Mayorov GOLD URS
1968 Yevgeny Zimin GOLD URS
1968 Oleg Zaytsev GOLD URS
1968 Frantisek Sevcík SILVER CZE
1968 Frantisek Pospísil SILVER CZE
1968 Vladimír Nadrchal SILVER CZE
1968 Václav Nedomansky SILVER CZE
1968 Oldrich Machac SILVER CZE
1968 Jirí Holík SILVER CZE
1968 Jan Havel SILVER CZE
1968 Petr Hejma SILVER CZE
1968 Josef Horesovsky SILVER CZE
1968 Jan Hrbaty SILVER CZE
1968 Jan Klapác SILVER CZE
1968 Jirí Kochta SILVER CZE
1968 Jaroslav Jirík SILVER CZE
1968 Josef Cerny SILVER CZE
1968 Jozef Golonka SILVER CZE
1968 Vladimír Dzurilla SILVER CZE
1968 Jan Suchy SILVER CZE
1968 Karel Masopust SILVER CZE
1968 Wayne Stephenson BRONZE CAN
1968 Morris Mott BRONZE CAN
1968 Roger Bourbonnais BRONZE CAN
1968 Kenneth Broderick BRONZE CAN
1968 Paul Conlin BRONZE CAN
1968 Gary Dineen BRONZE CAN
1968 Ted Hargreaves BRONZE CAN
1968 Francis Huck BRONZE CAN
1968 Raymond Cadieux BRONZE CAN
1968 Brian Glennie BRONZE CAN
1968 Gerry Pinder BRONZE CAN
1968 Herbert Pinder BRONZE CAN
1968 Terrence O'Malley BRONZE CAN
1968 Daniel O'Shea BRONZE CAN
1968 Stephen Monteith BRONZE CAN
1968 Larry Johnston BRONZE CAN
1968 Barry MacKenzie BRONZE CAN
1968 William MacMillan BRONZE CAN
1972 Ice Hockey Yevgeny Zimin GOLD URS
1972 Igor Romishevsky GOLD URS
1972 Anatoly Firsov GOLD URS
1972 Vladislav Tretyak GOLD URS
1972 Vladimir Vikulov GOLD URS
1972 Yevgeny Mishakov GOLD URS
1972 Aleksandr Yakushev GOLD URS
1972 Viktor Kuzkin GOLD URS
1972 Yury Blinov GOLD URS
1972 Valery Kharlamov GOLD URS
1972 Vitaly Davydov GOLD URS
1972 Aleksandr Ragulin GOLD URS
1972 Vladimir Petrov GOLD URS
1972 Boris Mikhaylov GOLD URS
1972 Vladimir Lutchenko GOLD URS
1972 Gennady Tsygankov GOLD URS
1972 Valery Vasilyev GOLD URS
1972 Aleksandr Maltsev GOLD URS
1972 Vladimir Shadrin GOLD URS
1972 Aleksandr Pashkov GOLD URS
1972 Kevin Ahearn SILVER USA
1972 Henry Boucha SILVER USA
1972 Charles Brown SILVER USA
1972 Stuart Irving SILVER USA
1972 Mark Howe SILVER USA
1972 Keith Christiansen SILVER USA
1972 Michael Curran SILVER USA
1972 Robert Ftorek SILVER USA
1972 Thomas Mellor SILVER USA
1972 James McElmury SILVER USA
1972 Richard McGlynn SILVER USA
1972 Walter Olds SILVER USA
1972 Ronald Naslund SILVER USA
1972 Franklyn Sanders SILVER USA
1972 Craig Sarner SILVER USA
1972 Gordon Sears SILVER USA
1972 Timothy Sheehy SILVER USA
1972 Vladimír Dzurilla BRONZE CZE
1972 Richard Farda BRONZE CZE
1972 Josef Cerny BRONZE CZE
1972 Vladimír Bednár BRONZE CZE
1972 Jirí Kochta BRONZE CZE
1972 Josef Horesovsky BRONZE CZE
1972 Jirí Holecek BRONZE CZE
1972 Ivan Hlinka BRONZE CZE
1972 Jirí Holík BRONZE CZE
1972 Oldrich Machac BRONZE CZE
1972 Jaroslav Holík BRONZE CZE
1972 Václav Nedomansky BRONZE CZE
1972 Eduard Novák BRONZE CZE
1972 Frantisek Pospísil BRONZE CZE
1972 Vladimír Martinec BRONZE CZE
1972 Bohuslav Stastny BRONZE CZE
1972 Rudolf Tajcnár BRONZE CZE
1972 Karel Vohralík BRONZE CZE
1976 Ice Hockey Vladimir Shadrin GOLD URS
1976 Viktor Zhluktov GOLD URS
1976 Aleksandr Maltsev GOLD URS
1976 Valery Vasilyev GOLD URS
1976 Gennady Tsygankov GOLD URS
1976 Sergey Kapustin GOLD URS
1976 Viktor Shalimov GOLD URS
1976 Vladimir Lutchenko GOLD URS
1976 Yury Lyapkin GOLD URS
1976 Aleksandr Sidelnikov GOLD URS
1976 Alexandr Gusev GOLD URS
1976 Boris Mikhaylov GOLD URS
1976 Vladimir Petrov GOLD URS
1976 Valery Kharlamov GOLD URS
1976 Aleksandr Yakushev GOLD URS
1976 Vladislav Tretyak GOLD URS
1976 Sergey Babinov GOLD URS
1976 Boris Aleksandrov GOLD URS
1976 Bohuslav Stastny SILVER CZE
1976 Vladimír Martinec SILVER CZE
1976 Frantisek Pospísil SILVER CZE
1976 Jaroslav Pouzar SILVER CZE
1976 Eduard Novák SILVER CZE
1976 Jirí Novák SILVER CZE
1976 Milan Novy SILVER CZE
1976 Oldrich Machac SILVER CZE
1976 Jirí Holík SILVER CZE
1976 Ivan Hlinka SILVER CZE
1976 Jirí Holecek SILVER CZE
1976 Milan Kajkl SILVER CZE
1976 Josef Augusta SILVER CZE
1976 Milan Chalupa SILVER CZE
1976 Miroslav Dvorák SILVER CZE
1976 Bohuslav Ebermann SILVER CZE
1976 Jirí Crha SILVER CZE
1976 Jirí Bubla SILVER CZE
1976 Klaus Auhuber BRONZE FRG
1976 Ignaz Berndaner BRONZE FRG
1976 Wolfgang Boos BRONZE FRG
1976 Lorenz Funk BRONZE FRG
1976 Martin Hinterstocker BRONZE FRG
1976 Toni Kehle BRONZE FRG
1976 Udo Kießling BRONZE FRG
1976 Walter Köberle BRONZE FRG
1976 Ernst Köpf BRONZE FRG
1976 Erich Kühnhackl BRONZE FRG
1976 Stefan Metz BRONZE FRG
1976 Rainer Philipp BRONZE FRG
1976 Franz Reindl BRONZE FRG
1976 Alois Schloder BRONZE FRG
1976 Rudolf Thanner BRONZE FRG
1976 Josef Völk BRONZE FRG
1976 Ferenc Vozar BRONZE FRG
1976 Erich Weißhaupt BRONZE FRG
1980 Ice Hockey James Craig GOLD USA
1980 Kenneth Morrow GOLD USA
1980 Mike Ramsey GOLD USA
1980 William Baker GOLD USA
1980 John O'Callahan GOLD USA
1980 Bob Suter GOLD USA
1980 David Silk GOLD USA
1980 Neal Broten GOLD USA
1980 Mark Johnson GOLD USA
1980 Steven Christoff GOLD USA
1980 Mark Wells GOLD USA
1980 Mark Pavelich GOLD USA
1980 Eric Strobel GOLD USA
1980 Mike Eruzione GOLD USA
1980 David Christian GOLD USA
1980 Robert McClanahan GOLD USA
1980 Buzz Schneider GOLD USA
1980 Philip Verchota GOLD USA
1980 John Harrington GOLD USA
1980 Steve Janaszak GOLD USA
1980 Vladimir Myshkin SILVER URS
1980 Yury Lebedyev SILVER URS
1980 Aleksandr Golikov SILVER URS
1980 Vladimir Golikov SILVER URS
1980 Vladislav Tretyak SILVER URS
1980 Valery Kharlamov SILVER URS
1980 Helmuts Balderis SILVER URS
1980 Vladimir Petrov SILVER URS
1980 Boris Mikhaylov SILVER URS
1980 Valery Vasilyev SILVER URS
1980 Aleksandr Maltsev SILVER URS
1980 Viktor Zhluktov SILVER URS
1980 Sergey Makarov SILVER URS
1980 Zinetula Bilyaletdinov SILVER URS
1980 Aleksandr Skvortsov SILVER URS
1980 Vasily Pervukhin SILVER URS
1980 Vladimir Krutov SILVER URS
1980 Aleksey Kasatonov SILVER URS
1980 Sergey Starikov SILVER URS
1980 Vyacheslav Fetisov SILVER URS
1980 Dan Söderström BRONZE SWE
1980 Mats Waltin BRONZE SWE
1980 Tomas Jonsson BRONZE SWE
1980 Mats Nĺslund BRONZE SWE
1980 Ulf Weinstock BRONZE SWE
1980 Tommy Samuelsson BRONZE SWE
1980 William Löfqvist BRONZE SWE
1980 Harald Lückner BRONZE SWE
1980 Bengt Lundholm BRONZE SWE
1980 Per Lundqvist BRONZE SWE
1980 Lennart Norberg BRONZE SWE
1980 Lars Molin BRONZE SWE
1980 Per-Eric Lindbergh BRONZE SWE
1980 Leif Holmgren BRONZE SWE
1980 Thomas Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1980 Hĺkan Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1980 Jan Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1980 Bo Berglund BRONZE SWE
1980 Sture Andersson BRONZE SWE
1980 Mats Ĺhlberg BRONZE SWE
1984 Ice Hockey Igor Larionov GOLD URS
1984 Vyacheslav Fetisov GOLD URS
1984 Igor Stelnov GOLD URS
1984 Sergey Starikov GOLD URS
1984 Aleksey Kasatonov GOLD URS
1984 Vladimir Krutov GOLD URS
1984 Vasily Pervukhin GOLD URS
1984 Aleksandr Skvortsov GOLD URS
1984 Vladimir Kovin GOLD URS
1984 Mikhail Vasilyev GOLD URS
1984 Nikolay Drozdetsky GOLD URS
1984 Viktor Tyumenev GOLD URS
1984 Aleksandr Kozhevnikov GOLD URS
1984 Zinetula Bilyaletdinov GOLD URS
1984 Sergey Shepelev GOLD URS
1984 Aleksandr Gerasimov GOLD URS
1984 Andrey Khomutov GOLD URS
1984 Sergey Makarov GOLD URS
1984 Vladislav Tretyak GOLD URS
1984 Vladimir Myshkin GOLD URS
1984 Radoslav Svoboda SILVER CZE
1984 Eduard Uvíra SILVER CZE
1984 Vladimír Rozicka SILVER CZE
1984 Milan Chalupa SILVER CZE
1984 Vladimír Caldr SILVER CZE
1984 Frantisek Cerník SILVER CZE
1984 Jaroslav Benák SILVER CZE
1984 Arnold Kadlec SILVER CZE
1984 Jirí Králík SILVER CZE
1984 Vladimír Kyhos SILVER CZE
1984 Jirí Lála SILVER CZE
1984 Igor Liba SILVER CZE
1984 Jirí Hrdina SILVER CZE
1984 Miroslav Horava SILVER CZE
1984 Vincent Lukác SILVER CZE
1984 Jaroslav Korbela SILVER CZE
1984 Pavel Richter SILVER CZE
1984 Jaromír Sindel SILVER CZE
1984 Dárius Rusnák SILVER CZE
1984 Dusan Pasek SILVER CZE
1984 Thomas Ĺhlén BRONZE SWE
1984 Per-Erik Eklund BRONZE SWE
1984 Thom Eklund BRONZE SWE
1984 Hĺkan Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1984 Peter Gradin BRONZE SWE
1984 Bo Ericson BRONZE SWE
1984 Mats Hessel BRONZE SWE
1984 Michael Hjĺlm BRONZE SWE
1984 Göran Lindblom BRONZE SWE
1984 Hĺkan Nordin BRONZE SWE
1984 Tommy Mörth BRONZE SWE
1984 Tomas Sandström BRONZE SWE
1984 Hĺkan Södergren BRONZE SWE
1984 Rolf Ridderwall BRONZE SWE
1984 Thomas Rundqvist BRONZE SWE
1984 Jens Öhling BRONZE SWE
1984 Mats Waltin BRONZE SWE
1984 Göte Wĺlitalo BRONZE SWE
1984 Mats Thelin BRONZE SWE
1984 Michael Thelvén BRONZE SWE
1988 Ice Hockey Sergey Makarov GOLD URS
1988 Andrey Khomutov GOLD URS
1988 Aleksandr Kozhevnikov GOLD URS
1988 Vladimir Krutov GOLD URS
1988 Aleksey Kasatonov GOLD URS
1988 Valery Kamensky GOLD URS
1988 Anatoly Semenov GOLD URS
1988 Aleksandr Mogilny GOLD URS
1988 Vyacheslav Bykov GOLD URS
1988 Sergey Svetlov GOLD URS
1988 Ilya Byakin GOLD URS
1988 Sergey Yashin GOLD URS
1988 Aleksandr Chernykh GOLD URS
1988 Andrey Lomakin GOLD URS
1988 Aleksey Gusarov GOLD URS
1988 Sergey Starikov GOLD URS
1988 Sergey Mylnikov GOLD URS
1988 Vitaly Samoylov GOLD URS
1988 Igor Stelnov GOLD URS
1988 Vyacheslav Fetisov GOLD URS
1988 Yevgeny Belosheykin GOLD URS
1988 Igor Larionov GOLD URS
1988 Igor Kravchuk GOLD URS
1988 Timo Blomqvist SILVER FIN
1988 Kari Eloranta SILVER FIN
1988 Raimo Helminen SILVER FIN
1988 Erkki Laine SILVER FIN
1988 Kari Laitinen SILVER FIN
1988 Jyrki Lumme SILVER FIN
1988 Reijo Mikkolainen SILVER FIN
1988 Jarmo Myllys SILVER FIN
1988 Iiro Järvi SILVER FIN
1988 Esa Keskinen SILVER FIN
1988 Teppo Numminen SILVER FIN
1988 Arto Ruotanen SILVER FIN
1988 Reijo Ruotsalainen SILVER FIN
1988 Simo Saarinen SILVER FIN
1988 Kari Suikkanen SILVER FIN
1988 Timo Susi SILVER FIN
1988 Jukka Tammi SILVER FIN
1988 Jari Torkki SILVER FIN
1988 Pekka Tuomisto SILVER FIN
1988 Jukka Virtanen SILVER FIN
1988 Janne Ojanen SILVER FIN
1988 Thom Eklund BRONZE SWE
1988 Anders Eldebrink BRONZE SWE
1988 Bo Berglund BRONZE SWE
1988 Anders Bergman BRONZE SWE
1988 Peter Ĺslin BRONZE SWE
1988 Mikael Andersson BRONZE SWE
1988 Peter Andersson BRONZE SWE
1988 Jonas Bergkvist BRONZE SWE
1988 Jens Öhling BRONZE SWE
1988 Thomas Rundqvist BRONZE SWE
1988 Hĺkan Södergren BRONZE SWE
1988 Ulf Sandström BRONZE SWE
1988 Tommy Samuelsson BRONZE SWE
1988 Lars Gunnar Pettersson BRONZE SWE
1988 Lars Molin BRONZE SWE
1988 Peter Lindmark BRONZE SWE
1988 Lars Karlsson BRONZE SWE
1988 Mats Kihlström BRONZE SWE
1988 Mikael Johansson BRONZE SWE
1988 Michael Hjĺlm BRONZE SWE
1988 Lars Ivarsson BRONZE SWE
1988 Thomas Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1988 Peter Eriksson BRONZE SWE
1992 Ice Hockey Dmitry Mironov GOLD URS
1992 Vitaly Prokhorov GOLD URS
1992 Mikhail Shtalenkov GOLD URS
1992 Sergey Bautin GOLD URS
1992 Igor Boldin GOLD URS
1992 Nikolay Borshchevsky GOLD URS
1992 Vyacheslav Butsayev GOLD URS
1992 Yevgeny Davydov GOLD URS
1992 Yuri Khmylev GOLD URS
1992 Andrey Kovalenko GOLD URS
1992 Vyacheslav Bykov GOLD URS
1992 Andrey Khomutov GOLD URS
1992 Sergey Petrenko GOLD URS
1992 Sergey Zubov GOLD URS
1992 Aleksey Zhitnik GOLD URS
1992 Andrey Trefilov GOLD URS
1992 Dmitry Yushkevich GOLD URS
1992 Igor Kravchuk GOLD URS
1992 Darius Kasparaitis GOLD URS
1992 Alexei Kovalev GOLD URS
1992 Vladimir Malakhov GOLD URS
1992 Aleksey Zhamnov GOLD URS
1992 David Tippett SILVER CAN
1992 Brian Tutt SILVER CAN
1992 Brad Schlegel SILVER CAN
1992 Wally Schreiber SILVER CAN
1992 Randy Smith SILVER CAN
1992 Jason Wooley SILVER CAN
1992 Kent Manderville SILVER CAN
1992 Chris Lindberg SILVER CAN
1992 Eric Lindros SILVER CAN
1992 Fabian Joseph SILVER CAN
1992 Gordon Hynes SILVER CAN
1992 Patrick Lebeau SILVER CAN
1992 Joseph Juneau SILVER CAN
1992 Trevor Kidd SILVER CAN
1992 Adrian Plavsic SILVER CAN
1992 Daniel Ratushny SILVER CAN
1992 David Hannan SILVER CAN
1992 Curt Giles SILVER CAN
1992 Kevin Dahl SILVER CAN
1992 Todd Brost SILVER CAN
1992 Sean Burke SILVER CAN
1992 David Archibald SILVER CAN
1992 Patrik Augusta BRONZE CZR
1992 Petr Bríza BRONZE CZR
1992 Leo Gudas BRONZE CZR
1992 Bedrich Scerban BRONZE CZR
1992 Petr Rosol BRONZE CZR
1992 Frantisek Prochazka BRONZE CZR
1992 Ladislav Lubina BRONZE CZR
1992 Miroslav Horava BRONZE CZR
1992 Otakar Janecky BRONZE CZR
1992 Petr Hrbek BRONZE CZR
1992 Igor Liba BRONZE CZR
1992 Drahomír Kadlec BRONZE CZR
1992 Kamil Kasták BRONZE CZR
1992 Tomás Jelínek BRONZE CZR
1992 Richard Smehlík BRONZE CZR
1992 Jirí Slégr BRONZE CZR
1992 Robert Lang BRONZE CZR
1992 Petr Veselovsky BRONZE CZR
1992 Oldwich Svoboda BRONZE CZR
1992 Robert Svehla BRONZE CZR
1992 Radek Toupal BRONZE CZR
1992 Richard Zemlicka BRONZE CZR
1994 Ice Hockey Jonas Bergkvist GOLD SWE
1994 Hĺkan Algotsson GOLD SWE
1994 Andreas Dackell GOLD SWE
1994 Jörgen Jönsson GOLD SWE
1994 Hĺkan Loob GOLD SWE
1994 Stefan Örnskog GOLD SWE
1994 Roger Johansson GOLD SWE
1994 Niklas Eriksson GOLD SWE
1994 Mats Nĺslund GOLD SWE
1994 Roger Hansson GOLD SWE
1994 Kenny Jönsson GOLD SWE
1994 Christian Due-Boje GOLD SWE
1994 Patrik Kjellberg GOLD SWE
1994 Charles Berglund GOLD SWE
1994 Magnus Svensson GOLD SWE
1994 Peter Forsberg GOLD SWE
1994 Tomas Jonsson GOLD SWE
1994 Fredrik Stillman GOLD SWE
1994 Patrik Juhlin GOLD SWE
1994 Leif Rohlin GOLD SWE
1994 Daniel Rydmark GOLD SWE
1994 Tommy Salo GOLD SWE
1994 Mikael Sundlöv GOLD SWE
1994 Corey Hirsch SILVER CAN
1994 Adrian Aucoin SILVER CAN
1994 Derek Mayer SILVER CAN
1994 Ken Lovsin SILVER CAN
1994 Todd Hlushko SILVER CAN
1994 Brad Werenka SILVER CAN
1994 Paul Kariya SILVER CAN
1994 Dwayne Norris SILVER CAN
1994 Greg Johnson SILVER CAN
1994 Brian Savage SILVER CAN
1994 Todd Warriner SILVER CAN
1994 Greg Parks SILVER CAN
1994 Mark Astley SILVER CAN
1994 Jean Yves Roy SILVER CAN
1994 Christopher Kontos SILVER CAN
1994 David Harlock SILVER CAN
1994 Chris Therien SILVER CAN
1994 Peter Nedved SILVER CAN
1994 Wally Schreiber SILVER CAN
1994 Brad Schlegel SILVER CAN
1994 Fabian Joseph SILVER CAN
1994 Esa Keskinen BRONZE FIN
1994 Jarmo Myllys BRONZE FIN
1994 Raimo Helminen BRONZE FIN
1994 Janne Ojanen BRONZE FIN
1994 Janne Laukkanen BRONZE FIN
1994 Marko Palo BRONZE FIN
1994 Mika Alatalo BRONZE FIN
1994 Ville Peltonen BRONZE FIN
1994 Jere Lehtinen BRONZE FIN
1994 Hannu Virta BRONZE FIN
1994 Sami Kapanen BRONZE FIN
1994 Mika Strömberg BRONZE FIN
1994 Tero Lehterä BRONZE FIN
1994 Petri Varis BRONZE FIN
1994 Mika Nieminen BRONZE FIN
1994 Marko Kiprusov BRONZE FIN
1994 Vesa Hämäläinen BRONZE FIN
1994 Timo Jutila BRONZE FIN
1994 Pasi Sormunen BRONZE FIN
1994 Saku Koivu BRONZE FIN
1994 Jukka Tammi BRONZE FIN
1994 Mikko Mäkelä BRONZE FIN
1998 Ice Hockey Men Richard Smehlík GOLD CZR
1998 Jaroslav Spacek GOLD CZR
1998 Martin Straka GOLD CZR
1998 Petr Svoboda GOLD CZR
1998 Vladimir Vujtek GOLD CZR
1998 Josef Beranek GOLD CZR
1998 Jan Caloun GOLD CZR
1998 Roman Cechmanek GOLD CZR
1998 Jiri Dopita GOLD CZR
1998 Roman Hamrlik GOLD CZR
1998 Dominik Hasek GOLD CZR
1998 Milan Hejduk GOLD CZR
1998 Robert Lang GOLD CZR
1998 Jirí Slégr GOLD CZR
1998 Vladimír Rozicka GOLD CZR
1998 Milan Hnilicka GOLD CZR
1998 Jaromir Jagr GOLD CZR
1998 Frantisek Kucera GOLD CZR
1998 David Moravec GOLD CZR
1998 Pavel Patera GOLD CZR
1998 Libor Prochazka GOLD CZR
1998 Martin Prochazka GOLD CZR
1998 Robert Reichel GOLD CZR
1998 Martin Rucinsky GOLD CZR
1998 Alexei Yashin SILVER RUS
1998 Sergei Fedorov SILVER RUS
1998 Valeri Bure SILVER RUS
1998 Alexei Kovalev SILVER RUS
1998 Darius Kasparaitis SILVER RUS
1998 Igor Kravchuk SILVER RUS
1998 Alexei Morozov SILVER RUS
1998 Serguei Nemtchinov SILVER RUS
1998 Guerman Titov SILVER RUS
1998 Alexandre Karpovtsev SILVER RUS
1998 Alexei Iachine SILVER RUS
1998 Alexei Jamnov SILVER RUS
1998 Pavel Bure SILVER RUS
1998 Valeri Zelepoukine SILVER RUS
1998 Serguei Krivokrassov SILVER RUS
1998 Boris Mironov SILVER RUS
1998 Aleksey Gusarov SILVER RUS
1998 Valery Kamensky SILVER RUS
1998 Andrey Kovalenko SILVER RUS
1998 Dmitry Mironov SILVER RUS
1998 Mikhail Shtalenkov SILVER RUS
1998 Dmitry Yushkevich SILVER RUS
1998 Andrey Trefilov SILVER RUS
1998 Aleksey Zhitnik SILVER RUS
1998 Antti Toermaenen BRONZE FIN
1998 Janne Henrik Niinimaa BRONZE FIN
1998 Tomas Groenman BRONZE FIN
1998 Jari Kurri BRONZE FIN
1998 Juha Lind BRONZE FIN
1998 Aki-Petteri Berg BRONZE FIN
1998 Juha Ylonen BRONZE FIN
1998 Kimmo Rintanen BRONZE FIN
1998 Teemu Selaenne BRONZE FIN
1998 Ari Sulander BRONZE FIN
1998 Esa Tikkanen BRONZE FIN
1998 Kimmo Timonen BRONZE FIN
1998 Raimo Helminen BRONZE FIN
1998 Jyrki Lumme BRONZE FIN
1998 Jarmo Myllys BRONZE FIN
1998 Teppo Numminen BRONZE FIN
1998 Jukka Tammi BRONZE FIN
1998 Saku Koivu BRONZE FIN
1998 Mika Nieminen BRONZE FIN
1998 Sami Kapanen BRONZE FIN
1998 Jere Lehtinen BRONZE FIN
1998 Ville Peltonen BRONZE FIN
1998 Janne Laukkanen BRONZE FIN
2002 Ice Hockey Men Eric Lindros GOLD CAN
2002 Ed Belfour GOLD CAN
2002 Rob Blake GOLD CAN
2002 Eric Brewer GOLD CAN
2002 Martin Brodeur GOLD CAN
2002 Theo Fleury GOLD CAN
2002 Adam Foote GOLD CAN
2002 Simon Gagne GOLD CAN
2002 Jarome Iginla GOLD CAN
2002 Curtis Joseph GOLD CAN
2002 Ed Jovanovski GOLD CAN
2002 Mario Lemieux GOLD CAN
2002 Al MacInnis GOLD CAN
2002 Scott Niedermayer GOLD CAN
2002 Joe Nieuwendyk GOLD CAN
2002 Owen Nolan GOLD CAN
2002 Mike Peca GOLD CAN
2002 Chris Pronger GOLD CAN
2002 Joe Sakic GOLD CAN
2002 Brendan Shanahan GOLD CAN
2002 Ryan Smyth GOLD CAN
2002 Steve Yzerman GOLD CAN
2002 Paul Kariya GOLD CAN
2002 Tony Amonte SILVER USA
2002 Tom Barrasso SILVER USA
2002 Chris Chelios SILVER USA
2002 Adam Deadmarsh SILVER USA
2002 Chris Drury SILVER USA
2002 Mike Dunham SILVER USA
2002 Bill Guerin SILVER USA
2002 Phil Housley SILVER USA
2002 Brett Hull SILVER USA
2002 John LeClair SILVER USA
2002 Brian Leetch SILVER USA
2002 Aaron Miller SILVER USA
2002 Mike Modano SILVER USA
2002 Tom Poti SILVER USA
2002 Brian Rafalski SILVER USA
2002 Mike Richter SILVER USA
2002 Jeremy Roenick SILVER USA
2002 Brian Rolston SILVER USA
2002 Gary Suter SILVER USA
2002 Keith Tkachuk SILVER USA
2002 Doug Weight SILVER USA
2002 Mike York SILVER USA
2002 Scott Young SILVER USA
2002 Boris Mironov BRONZE RUS
2002 Pavel Bure BRONZE RUS
2002 Igor Kravchuk BRONZE RUS
2002 Darius Kasparaitis BRONZE RUS
2002 Igor Larionov BRONZE RUS
2002 Alexei Kovalev BRONZE RUS
2002 Vladimir Malakhov BRONZE RUS
2002 Aleksey Zhamnov BRONZE RUS
2002 Valeri Bure BRONZE RUS
2002 Sergei Fedorov BRONZE RUS
2002 Alexei Yashin BRONZE RUS
2002 Sergei Samsonov BRONZE RUS
2002 Maxim Afinogenov BRONZE RUS
2002 Ilya Kovalchuk BRONZE RUS
2002 Andrei Nikolishin BRONZE RUS
2002 Oleg Kvasha BRONZE RUS
2002 Yegor Podomadsky BRONZE RUS
2002 Nikolai Khabibulin BRONZE RUS
2002 Ilja Bryzgalov BRONZE RUS
2002 Daniil Markov BRONZE RUS
2002 Sergei Gonshar BRONZE RUS
2002 Pavel Datsyuk BRONZE RUS
2002 Oleg Dverdovsky BRONZE RUS
2006 Ice Hockey Men Daniel Alfredsson GOLD SWE
2006 Per Johan Axelsson GOLD SWE
2006 Christian Bäckman GOLD SWE
2006 Mika Hannula GOLD SWE
2006 Niclas Hävelid GOLD SWE
2006 Tomas Holmström GOLD SWE
2006 Niklas Kronwall GOLD SWE
2006 Nicklas Lidström GOLD SWE
2006 Stefan Liv GOLD SWE
2006 Henrik Lundqvist GOLD SWE
2006 Fredrik Modin GOLD SWE
2006 Mattias Öhlund GOLD SWE
2006 Samuel Pĺhlsson GOLD SWE
2006 Mikael Samuelsson GOLD SWE
2006 Daniel Sedin GOLD SWE
2006 Henrik Sedin GOLD SWE
2006 Mats Sundin GOLD SWE
2006 Ronnie Sundin GOLD SWE
2006 Mikael Tellqvist GOLD SWE
2006 Daniel Tjärnqvist GOLD SWE
2006 Henrik Zetterberg GOLD SWE
2006 Peter Forsberg GOLD SWE
2006 Kenny Jönsson GOLD SWE
2006 Jörgen Jönsson GOLD SWE
2006 Niklas Backstrom SILVER FIN
2006 Niklas Hagman SILVER FIN
2006 Jukka Hentunen SILVER FIN
2006 Jussi Jokinen SILVER FIN
2006 Olli Jokinen SILVER FIN
2006 Niko Kapanen SILVER FIN
2006 Mikko Koivu SILVER FIN
2006 Lasse Kukkonen SILVER FIN
2006 Antti Laaksonen SILVER FIN
2006 Toni Lydman SILVER FIN
2006 Antti-Jussi Niemi SILVER FIN
2006 Ville Nieminen SILVER FIN
2006 Antero Niittymäki SILVER FIN
2006 Fredrik Norrena SILVER FIN
2006 Petteri Nummelin SILVER FIN
2006 Jarkko Ruutu SILVER FIN
2006 Sami Salo SILVER FIN
2006 Ville Peltonen SILVER FIN
2006 Jere Lehtinen SILVER FIN
2006 Saku Koivu SILVER FIN
2006 Teppo Numminen SILVER FIN
2006 Kimmo Timonen SILVER FIN
2006 Aki-Petteri Berg SILVER FIN
2006 Martin Straka BRONZE CZR
2006 Jaroslav Spacek BRONZE CZR
2006 Martin Rucinsky BRONZE CZR
2006 Jaromir Jagr BRONZE CZR
2006 Milan Hnilicka BRONZE CZR
2006 Robert Lang BRONZE CZR
2006 Jan Bulis BRONZE CZR
2006 Petr Cajanek BRONZE CZR
2006 Patrik Elias BRONZE CZR
2006 Martin Erat BRONZE CZR
2006 Ales Hemsky BRONZE CZR
2006 Frantisek Kaberle BRONZE CZR
2006 Tomas Kaberle BRONZE CZR
2006 Ales Kotalik BRONZE CZR
2006 Filip Kuba BRONZE CZR
2006 Pavel Kubina BRONZE CZR
2006 Marek Malik BRONZE CZR
2006 Rostislav Olesz BRONZE CZR
2006 Vaclav Prospal BRONZE CZR
2006 Dusan Salficky BRONZE CZR
2006 Tomas Vokoun BRONZE CZR
2006 David Vyborny BRONZE CZR
2006 Marek Zidlicky BRONZE CZR
2006 Milan Hejduk BRONZE CZR
2006 Dominik Hasek BRONZE CZR

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