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Medal Winners

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Year Event Athlete Medal Country Result
1998 Curling Men Dominic Andres GOLD SUI
1998 Patrick Hürlimann GOLD SUI
1998 Patrik Lörtscher GOLD SUI
1998 Daniel Müller GOLD SUI
1998 Diego Perren GOLD SUI
1998 Paul Savage SILVER CAN
1998 Collin Mitchell SILVER CAN
1998 George Karrys SILVER CAN
1998 Mike Harris SILVER CAN
1998 Richard Hart SILVER CAN
1998 Anthon Grimsmo BRONZE NOR
1998 Stig-Arne Gunnestad BRONZE NOR
1998 Jan Thoresen BRONZE NOR
1998 Tore Torvbraaten BRONZE NOR
1998 Eigil Ramsfjell BRONZE NOR
2002 Curling Men Flemming Davanger GOLD NOR
2002 Torger Nergård GOLD NOR
2002 Bent Ånund Ramsfjell GOLD NOR
2002 Pål Trulsen GOLD NOR
2002 Lars Vågberg GOLD NOR
2002 Don Walchuk SILVER CAN
2002 Carter Rycroft SILVER CAN
2002 Kevin Martin SILVER CAN
2002 Ken Tralnberg SILVER CAN
2002 Don Bartlett SILVER CAN
2002 Markus Eggler BRONZE SUI
2002 Damian Grichting BRONZE SUI
2002 Andreas Schwaller BRONZE SUI
2002 Christof Schwaller BRONZE SUI
2002 Marco Ramstein BRONZE SUI
2006 Curling Men Mike Adam GOLD CAN
2006 Brad Gushue GOLD CAN
2006 Russ Howard GOLD CAN
2006 Jamie Korab GOLD CAN
2006 Mark Nichols GOLD CAN
2006 Wille Mäkelä SILVER FIN
2006 Kalle Kiiskinen SILVER FIN
2006 Teemu Salo SILVER FIN
2006 Jani Sullanmaa SILVER FIN
2006 Markku Uusipaavalniemi SILVER FIN
2006 John Shuster BRONZE USA
2006 Joe Polo BRONZE USA
2006 Shawn Rojeski BRONZE USA
2006 Scott Baird BRONZE USA
2006 Pete Fenson BRONZE USA

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