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1984 Winter Olympics
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (until 1988)
Ice Hockey

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Event Athlete Country Result Medal
Ice Hockey Zinetula Bilyaletdinov URS GOLD
Nikolay Drozdetsky URS GOLD
Vyacheslav Fetisov URS GOLD
Aleksandr Gerasimov URS GOLD
Aleksey Kasatonov URS GOLD
Andrey Khomutov URS GOLD
Vladimir Kovin URS GOLD
Aleksandr Kozhevnikov URS GOLD
Vladimir Krutov URS GOLD
Igor Larionov URS GOLD
Sergey Makarov URS GOLD
Vladimir Myshkin URS GOLD
Vasily Pervukhin URS GOLD
Sergey Shepelev URS GOLD
Aleksandr Skvortsov URS GOLD
Sergey Starikov URS GOLD
Igor Stelnov URS GOLD
Vladislav Tretyak URS GOLD
Viktor Tyumenev URS GOLD
Mikhail Vasilyev URS GOLD
Eduard Uvíra CZE SILVER
Radoslav Svoboda CZE SILVER
Jaromír Sindel CZE SILVER
Vladimír Rozicka CZE SILVER
Dárius Rusnák CZE SILVER
Pavel Richter CZE SILVER
Vincent Lukác CZE SILVER
Dusan Pasek CZE SILVER
Vladimír Kyhos CZE SILVER
Jirí Králík CZE SILVER
Jaroslav Korbela CZE SILVER
Jaroslav Benák CZE SILVER
Miroslav Horava CZE SILVER
Jirí Hrdina CZE SILVER
Arnold Kadlec CZE SILVER
Vladimír Caldr CZE SILVER
Frantisek Cerník CZE SILVER
Milan Chalupa CZE SILVER
Per-Erik Eklund SWE BRONZE
Thom Eklund SWE BRONZE
Hĺkan Eriksson SWE BRONZE
Thomas Ĺhlén SWE BRONZE
Peter Gradin SWE BRONZE
Mats Hessel SWE BRONZE
Michael Hjĺlm SWE BRONZE
Göran Lindblom SWE BRONZE
Rolf Ridderwall SWE BRONZE
Hĺkan Nordin SWE BRONZE
Jens Öhling SWE BRONZE
Tommy Mörth SWE BRONZE
Tomas Sandström SWE BRONZE
Thomas Rundqvist SWE BRONZE
Hĺkan Södergren SWE BRONZE
Mats Thelin SWE BRONZE
Michael Thelvén SWE BRONZE
Göte Wĺlitalo SWE BRONZE
Mats Waltin SWE BRONZE

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