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United States

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1904 Flyweight George Finnegan GOLD
1904 Flyweight Miles Burke SILVER
1904 Bantamweight Oliver Kirk GOLD
1904 Bantamweight George Finnegan SILVER
1904 Featherweight Oliver Kirk GOLD
1904 Featherweight Frank Haller SILVER
1904 Featherweight Fred Gilmore BRONZE
1904 Lightweight Harry Spanger GOLD
1904 Lightweight Jack Eagan SILVER
1904 Lightweight Russell Van Horn BRONZE
1904 Welterweight Albert Young GOLD
1904 Welterweight Harry Spanger SILVER
1904 Welterweight Joseph Lydon BRONZE
1904 Welterweight Jack Eagan BRONZE
1904 Middleweight Charles Mayer GOLD
1904 Middleweight Benjamin Spradley SILVER
1904 Heavyweight Samuel Berger GOLD
1904 Heavyweight Charles Mayer SILVER
1904 Heavyweight William Michaels BRONZE
1920 Flyweight Frankie Genaro GOLD
1920 Lightweight Samuel Mosberg GOLD
1920 Welterweight Frederick Colberg BRONZE
1920 Light Heavyweight Eddie Eagan GOLD
1924 Flyweight Fidel La Barba GOLD
1924 Flyweight Raymond Fee BRONZE
1924 Bantamweight Salvatore Tripoli SILVER
1924 Featherweight Jackie Fields GOLD
1924 Featherweight Joseph Salas SILVER
1924 Lightweight Frederick Boylstein BRONZE
1928 Bantamweight John Daley SILVER
1928 Featherweight Harold Devine BRONZE
1928 Lightweight Stephen Halaiko SILVER
1932 Flyweight Louis Salica BRONZE
1932 Lightweight Nathan Bor BRONZE
1932 Welterweight Edward Flynn GOLD
1932 Middleweight Carmen Barth GOLD
1932 Heavyweight Frederick Feary BRONZE
1936 Flyweight Louis Lauria BRONZE
1936 Bantamweight Jack Wilson SILVER
1948 Welterweight Horace Herring SILVER
1952 Flyweight Nathan Brooks GOLD
1952 Light Welterweight Charles Adkins GOLD
1952 Middleweight Floyd Patterson GOLD
1952 Light Heavyweight Norvel Lee GOLD
1952 Heavyweight Edward Sanders GOLD
1956 Light Middleweight Josť Torres SILVER
1956 Light Heavyweight Jim Boyd GOLD
1956 Heavyweight Pete Rademacher GOLD
1960 Light Welterweight Quincey Daniels BRONZE
1960 Light Middleweight Wilbert McClure GOLD
1960 Middleweight Edward Crook GOLD
1960 Light Heavyweight Cassius Clay GOLD
1964 Flyweight Robert Carmody BRONZE
1964 Featherweight Charles Brown BRONZE
1964 Lightweight Ronald Harris BRONZE
1964 Heavyweight Joe Frazier GOLD
1968 Light Flyweight Harlan Marbley BRONZE
1968 Featherweight Albert Robinson SILVER
1968 Lightweight Ronald Harris GOLD
1968 Light Welterweight James Wallington BRONZE
1968 Light Middleweight John Baldwin BRONZE
1968 Middleweight Alfred Jones BRONZE
1968 Heavyweight George Foreman GOLD
1972 Bantamweight Ricardo Carreras BRONZE
1972 Light Welterweight Ray Seales GOLD
1972 Welterweight Jesse Valdez BRONZE
1972 Middleweight Marvin Johnson BRONZE
1976 Flyweight Leo Randolph GOLD
1976 Bantamweight Charles Mooney SILVER
1976 Lightweight Howard Davis GOLD
1976 Light Welterweight Ray Leonard GOLD
1976 Middleweight Michael Spinks GOLD
1976 Light Heavyweight Leon Spinks GOLD
1976 Heavyweight John Tate BRONZE
1984 Light Flyweight Paul Gonzales GOLD
1984 Flyweight Steven McCrory GOLD
1984 Featherweight Meldrick Taylor GOLD
1984 Lightweight Pernell Whitaker GOLD
1984 Light Welterweight Jerry Page GOLD
1984 Welterweight Mark Breland GOLD
1984 Light Middleweight Frank Tate GOLD
1984 Middleweight Virgil Hill SILVER
1984 Light Heavyweight Evander Holyfield BRONZE
1984 Heavyweight Henry Tillman GOLD
1984 Super Heavyweight Tyrell Biggs GOLD
1988 Light Flyweight Michael Carbajal SILVER
1988 Bantamweight Kennedy McKinney GOLD
1988 Lightweight Romallis Ellis BRONZE
1988 Welterweight Kenneth Gould BRONZE
1988 Light Middleweight Roy Jones SILVER
1988 Light Heavyweight Andrew Maynard GOLD
1988 Heavyweight Ray Mercer GOLD
1988 Super Heavyweight Riddick Bowe SILVER
1992 Flyweight Timothy Austin BRONZE
1992 Lightweight Oscar De La Hoya GOLD
1992 Middleweight Chris Byrd SILVER
1996 Featherweight Floyd Mayweather BRONZE
1996 Lightweight Terrance Cauthen BRONZE
1996 Light Middleweight David Reid GOLD
1996 Middleweight Rhoshii Wells BRONZE
1996 Light Heavyweight Antonio Tarver BRONZE
1996 Heavyweight Nate Jones BRONZE
2000 Bantamweight Clarence Vinson BRONZE
2000 Featherweight Ricardo Juarez SILVER
2000 Light Welterweight Ricardo Williams SILVER
2000 Light Middleweight Jermain Taylor BRONZE
2004 Middleweight Andre Dirrell BRONZE
2004 Light Heavyweight Andre Ward GOLD
2008 Heavyweight Deontay Wilder BRONZE

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