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United States

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1996 Baseball Chad Allen BRONZE
1996 Baseball Kris Benson BRONZE
1996 Baseball R. A. Dickey BRONZE
1996 Baseball Troy Glaus BRONZE
1996 Baseball Chad Green BRONZE
1996 Baseball Seth Greisinger BRONZE
1996 Baseball Kip Harkrider BRONZE
1996 Baseball A. J. Hinch BRONZE
1996 Baseball Jacque Jones BRONZE
1996 Baseball Billy Koch BRONZE
1996 Baseball Mark Kotsay BRONZE
1996 Baseball Matt Lecroy BRONZE
1996 Baseball Travis Lee BRONZE
1996 Baseball Braden Looper BRONZE
1996 Baseball Brian Loyd BRONZE
1996 Baseball Warren Morris BRONZE
1996 Baseball Jim Parque BRONZE
1996 Baseball Augie Ojeda BRONZE
1996 Baseball Jeff Weaver BRONZE
1996 Baseball Jason Williams BRONZE
2000 Baseball Todd Williams GOLD
2000 Baseball Ernie Young GOLD
2000 Baseball Tim Young GOLD
2000 Baseball Brad Wilkerson GOLD
2000 Baseball Roy Oswalt GOLD
2000 Baseball Doug Mientkiewicz GOLD
2000 Baseball Jon Rauch GOLD
2000 Baseball Anthony Sanders GOLD
2000 Baseball Bobby Seay GOLD
2000 Baseball Ben Sheets GOLD
2000 Baseball Mike Neill GOLD
2000 Baseball Rick Krivda GOLD
2000 Baseball Mike Kinkade GOLD
2000 Baseball Marcus Jensen GOLD
2000 Baseball Shane Heams GOLD
2000 Baseball Ryan Franklin GOLD
2000 Baseball Travis Dawkins GOLD
2000 Baseball Chris George GOLD
2000 Baseball Adam Everett GOLD
2000 Baseball Sean Burroughs GOLD
2000 Baseball John Cotton GOLD
2000 Baseball Pat Borders GOLD
2000 Baseball Brent Abernathy GOLD
2000 Baseball Kurt Ainsworth GOLD
2008 Baseball Matt Brown BRONZE
2008 Baseball Brett Anderson BRONZE
2008 Baseball Jake Arrieta BRONZE
2008 Baseball Brian Barden BRONZE
2008 Baseball Jeremy Cummings BRONZE
2008 Baseball Trevor Cahill BRONZE
2008 Baseball Dexter Fowler BRONZE
2008 Baseball Jason Donald BRONZE
2008 Baseball Brian Duensing BRONZE
2008 Baseball John Gall BRONZE
2008 Baseball Mike Hessman BRONZE
2008 Baseball Kevin Jepsen BRONZE
2008 Baseball Brandon Knight BRONZE
2008 Baseball Matt LaPorta BRONZE
2008 Baseball Michael Koplove BRONZE
2008 Baseball Jayson Nix BRONZE
2008 Baseball Blaine Neal BRONZE
2008 Baseball Lou Marson BRONZE
2008 Baseball Jeff Stevens BRONZE
2008 Baseball Stephen Strasburg BRONZE
2008 Baseball Taylor Teagarden BRONZE
2008 Baseball Terry Tiffee BRONZE
2008 Baseball Casey Weathers BRONZE
2008 Baseball Nate Schierholtz BRONZE

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