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Soviet Union

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1952 Greco-Roman Flyweight Boris Gurevich GOLD
1952 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Artem Teryan BRONZE
1952 Greco-Roman Featherweight Yakov Punkin GOLD
1952 Greco-Roman Lightweight Shazam Safin GOLD
1952 Greco-Roman Middleweight Nikolay Belov BRONZE
1952 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Shalva Chikhladze SILVER
1952 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Johannes Kotkas GOLD
1952 Freestyle Bantamweight Rashid Mamedbekov SILVER
1952 Freestyle Middleweight David Tsimakuridze GOLD
1952 Freestyle Heavyweight Arsen Mekokishvili GOLD
1956 Greco-Roman Flyweight Nikolay Solovyov GOLD
1956 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Konstantin Vyrupayev GOLD
1956 Greco-Roman Featherweight Roman Dzeneladze BRONZE
1956 Greco-Roman Welterweight Vladimir Maneyev SILVER
1956 Greco-Roman Middleweight Givi Kartoziya GOLD
1956 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Valentin Nikolayev GOLD
1956 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Anatoly Parfenov GOLD
1956 Freestyle Flyweight Mirian Tsalkalamanidze GOLD
1956 Freestyle Bantamweight Mikhail Shakhov BRONZE
1956 Freestyle Lightweight Alimberg Bestayev BRONZE
1956 Freestyle Welterweight Vakhtang Balavadze BRONZE
1956 Freestyle Middleweight Georgy Skhirtladze BRONZE
1956 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Boris Kulayev SILVER
1960 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Oleg Karavayev GOLD
1960 Greco-Roman Featherweight Konstantin Vyrupayev BRONZE
1960 Greco-Roman Lightweight Avtandil Koridze GOLD
1960 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Givi Kartoziya BRONZE
1960 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Ivan Bogdan GOLD
1960 Freestyle Featherweight Vladimir Rubashvili BRONZE
1960 Freestyle Lightweight Vladimir Sinyavsky SILVER
1960 Freestyle Middleweight Georgy Skhirtladze SILVER
1960 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Anatoly Albul BRONZE
1960 Freestyle Heavyweight Savkuds Dzarasov BRONZE
1964 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Vladlen Trostyansky SILVER
1964 Greco-Roman Featherweight Roman Rurua SILVER
1964 Greco-Roman Lightweight David Gvantseladze BRONZE
1964 Greco-Roman Welterweight Anatoly Kolesov GOLD
1964 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Anatoly Roshchin SILVER
1964 Freestyle Bantamweight Aydyn Ibragimov BRONZE
1964 Freestyle Featherweight Nodar Kokhashvili BRONZE
1964 Freestyle Welterweight Guliko Sagaradze SILVER
1964 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Aleksandr Medved GOLD
1964 Freestyle Heavyweight Aleksandr Ivanitsky GOLD
1968 Greco-Roman Flyweight Vladimir Bakulin SILVER
1968 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Ivan Kochergin BRONZE
1968 Greco-Roman Featherweight Roman Rurua GOLD
1968 Greco-Roman Middleweight Valentin Olenik SILVER
1968 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Nikolay Yakovenko SILVER
1968 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Anatoly Roshchin SILVER
1968 Freestyle Middleweight Boris Gurevich GOLD
1968 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Shota Lomidze SILVER
1968 Freestyle Heavyweight Aleksandr Medved GOLD
1972 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Rustem Kazakov GOLD
1972 Greco-Roman Lightweight Shamil Khisamutdinov GOLD
1972 Greco-Roman Middleweight Anatoly Nazarenko SILVER
1972 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Valery Rezantsev GOLD
1972 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Nikolay Yakovenko SILVER
1972 Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight Anatoly Roshchin GOLD
1972 Freestyle Light Flyweight Roman Dimitriyev GOLD
1972 Freestyle Flyweight Arsen Alakhverdiyev SILVER
1972 Freestyle Featherweight Zagalav Abdulbekov GOLD
1972 Freestyle Lightweight Ruslan Ashuraliyev BRONZE
1972 Freestyle Middleweight Levan Tediashvili GOLD
1972 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Gennady Strakhov SILVER
1972 Freestyle Heavyweight Ivan Yarygin GOLD
1972 Freestyle Super Heavyweight Aleksandr Medved GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Light Flyweight Aleksey Shumakov GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Flyweight Vitaly Konstantinov GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Farkhad Mustafin BRONZE
1976 Greco-Roman Featherweight Nelson Davidyan SILVER
1976 Greco-Roman Lightweight Suren Nalbandyan GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Welterweight Anatoly Bykov GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Middleweight Vladimir Cheboksarov SILVER
1976 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Valery Rezantsev GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Nikolay Balboshin GOLD
1976 Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight Aleksandr Kolchinsky GOLD
1976 Freestyle Light Flyweight Roman Dimitriyev SILVER
1976 Freestyle Flyweight Aleksandr Ivanov SILVER
1976 Freestyle Bantamweight Vladimir Yumin GOLD
1976 Freestyle Lightweight Pavel Pinigin GOLD
1976 Freestyle Middleweight Viktor Novozhilov SILVER
1976 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Levan Tediashvili GOLD
1976 Freestyle Heavyweight Ivan Yarygin GOLD
1976 Freestyle Super Heavyweight Soslan Andiyev GOLD
1980 Greco-Roman Light Flyweight Zhaksalyk Ushkempirov GOLD
1980 Greco-Roman Flyweight Vakhtang Blagidze GOLD
1980 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Shamil Serikov GOLD
1980 Greco-Roman Featherweight Boris Kramarenko BRONZE
1980 Greco-Roman Welterweight Anatoly Bykov SILVER
1980 Greco-Roman Middleweight Gennady Korban GOLD
1980 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Igor Kanygin SILVER
1980 Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight Aleksandr Kolchinsky GOLD
1980 Freestyle Light Flyweight Sergey Kornilayev BRONZE
1980 Freestyle Flyweight Anatoly Beloglasov GOLD
1980 Freestyle Bantamweight Sergey Beloglasov GOLD
1980 Freestyle Featherweight Magomedgasan Abushev GOLD
1980 Freestyle Lightweight Saipulla Absaidov GOLD
1980 Freestyle Middleweight Magomedkhan Aratsilov SILVER
1980 Freestyle Light Heavyweight Sanasar Oganisyan GOLD
1980 Freestyle Heavyweight Ilya Mate GOLD
1980 Freestyle Super Heavyweight Soslan Andiyev GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Featherweight Kamandar Madzhidov GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Lightweight Levon Dzhulfalakyan GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Welterweight Daulet Turlykhanov SILVER
1988 Greco-Roman Middleweight Mikhail Mamiashvili GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Vladimir Popov BRONZE
1988 Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight Aleksandr Karelin GOLD
1988 Freestyle Light Flyweight 48kg Sergey Karamchakov BRONZE
1988 Freestyle Flyweight 52kg Vladimir Toguzov BRONZE
1988 Freestyle Bantamweight 57kg Sergey Beloglasov GOLD
1988 Freestyle Featherweight 62kg Stepan Sarkisyan SILVER
1988 Freestyle Lightweight 68kg Arsen Fadzayev GOLD
1988 Freestyle Welterweight 74kg Adlan Varayev SILVER
1988 Freestyle Light Heavyweight 90kg Makharbek Khadartsev GOLD
1988 Freestyle Heavyweight 100kg Leri Khabelov SILVER
1988 Freestyle Super Heavyweight David Gobezhishvili GOLD
1992 Greco-Roman Light Flyweight Oleg Kucherenko GOLD
1992 Greco-Roman Flyweight Alfred Ter-Mkrtychyan SILVER
1992 Greco-Roman Featherweight Sergey Martinov SILVER
1992 Greco-Roman Lightweight Islam Duguchiyev SILVER
1992 Greco-Roman Welterweight Mnatsakan Iskandaryan GOLD
1992 Greco-Roman Middleweight Daulet Turlykhanov BRONZE
1992 Greco-Roman Light Heavyweight Gogi Koguashvili BRONZE
1992 Greco-Roman Heavyweight Sergey Demiashkevich BRONZE
1992 Greco-Roman Super Heavyweight Aleksandr Karelin GOLD
1992 Freestyle Light Flyweight 48kg Vugar Orudzhov BRONZE
1992 Freestyle Bantamweight 57kg Sergey Smal SILVER
1992 Freestyle Lightweight 68kg Arsen Fadzayev GOLD
1992 Freestyle Middleweight 82kg Elmadi Zhabrailov SILVER
1992 Freestyle Light Heavyweight 90kg Makharbek Khadartsev GOLD
1992 Freestyle Heavyweight 100kg Leri Khabelov GOLD
1992 Freestyle Super Heavyweight David Gobezhishvili BRONZE

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