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Soviet Union

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1956 Soccer Anatoly Bashashkin GOLD
1956 Soccer Yosif Betsa GOLD
1956 Soccer Anatoly Ilyin GOLD
1956 Soccer Anatoly Isayev GOLD
1956 Soccer Valentin Ivanov GOLD
1956 Soccer Boris Kuznetsov GOLD
1956 Soccer Anatoly Maslyonkin GOLD
1956 Soccer Igor Netto GOLD
1956 Soccer Mikhail Ogonkov GOLD
1956 Soccer Aleksey Paramonov GOLD
1956 Soccer Boris Razinsky GOLD
1956 Soccer Vladimir Ryshkin GOLD
1956 Soccer Sergey Salnikov GOLD
1956 Soccer Nikita Simonyan GOLD
1956 Soccer Boris Tatushin GOLD
1956 Soccer Nikolay Tishchenko GOLD
1956 Soccer Eduard Streltsov GOLD
1956 Soccer Lev Yashin GOLD
1972 Soccer Yury Yeliseyev BRONZE
1972 Soccer Gennady Yevryuzhikhin BRONZE
1972 Soccer Oganes Zanazanyan BRONZE
1972 Soccer Yevgeny Rudakov BRONZE
1972 Soccer Andrey Yakubik BRONZE
1972 Soccer Vyacheslav Semyonov BRONZE
1972 Soccer Yozhef Sabo BRONZE
1972 Soccer Vladimir Pilguy BRONZE
1972 Soccer Sergey Olshansky BRONZE
1972 Soccer Vladimir Onishchenko BRONZE
1972 Soccer Anatoly Kuksov BRONZE
1972 Soccer Yevgeny Lovchev BRONZE
1972 Soccer Yury Istomin BRONZE
1972 Soccer Vladimir Kaplichnyi BRONZE
1972 Soccer Murtaz Khurtsilava BRONZE
1972 Soccer Viktor Kolotov BRONZE
1972 Soccer Oleg Blokhin BRONZE
1972 Soccer Arkady Andriasyan BRONZE
1972 Soccer Revaz Dzodzuashvili BRONZE
1976 Soccer Leonid Buryak BRONZE
1976 Soccer Vladimir Astapovsky BRONZE
1976 Soccer Oleg Blokhin BRONZE
1976 Soccer Viktor Kolotov BRONZE
1976 Soccer Anatoly Konkov BRONZE
1976 Soccer Mikhail Fomenko BRONZE
1976 Soccer Vladimir Fyodorov BRONZE
1976 Soccer Viktor Matviyenko BRONZE
1976 Soccer Aleksandr Minayev BRONZE
1976 Soccer Leonid Nazarenko BRONZE
1976 Soccer Vladimir Onishchenko BRONZE
1976 Soccer Stefan Reshko BRONZE
1976 Soccer Vladimir Troshkin BRONZE
1976 Soccer Vladimir Veremeyev BRONZE
1976 Soccer Viktor Zvyagintsev BRONZE
1980 Soccer Tengiz Sulakvelidze BRONZE
1980 Soccer Oleg Romantsev BRONZE
1980 Soccer Aleksandr Prokopenko BRONZE
1980 Soccer Vladimir Pilguy BRONZE
1980 Soccer Sergey Shavlo BRONZE
1980 Soccer Sergey Nikulin BRONZE
1980 Soccer Khoren Oganesyan BRONZE
1980 Soccer Yury Gavrilov BRONZE
1980 Soccer Valery Gazzayev BRONZE
1980 Soccer Sergey Andreyev BRONZE
1980 Soccer Vagiz Khidiyatulin BRONZE
1980 Soccer Sergey Baltacha BRONZE
1980 Soccer Vladimir Bessonov BRONZE
1980 Soccer Revaz Chelebadze BRONZE
1980 Soccer Fyodor Cherenkov BRONZE
1980 Soccer Aleksandr Chivadze BRONZE
1980 Soccer Renat Dasayev BRONZE
1988 Soccer Igor Dobrovolsky GOLD
1988 Soccer Aleksey Cherednik GOLD
1988 Soccer Sergey Fokin GOLD
1988 Soccer Aleksandr Borodyuk GOLD
1988 Soccer Gela Ketashvili GOLD
1988 Soccer Dmitry Kharin GOLD
1988 Soccer Sergey Gorlukovich GOLD
1988 Soccer Arvidas Janonis GOLD
1988 Soccer Arminas Narbekovas GOLD
1988 Soccer Aleksey Mikhaylichenko GOLD
1988 Soccer Vladimir Lyutyi GOLD
1988 Soccer Yevgeny Kuznetsov GOLD
1988 Soccer Viktor Losev GOLD
1988 Soccer Igor Sklyarov GOLD
1988 Soccer Jury Savichev GOLD
1988 Soccer Igor Ponomarev GOLD
1988 Soccer Aleksey Prudnikov GOLD
1988 Soccer Vladimir Tatarchuk GOLD
1988 Soccer Yevgeny Yarovenko GOLD

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