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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1924 Épée, Individual Nils Hellsten BRONZE
1936 Épée, Team Sven Thofelt SILVER
1936 Épée, Team Gösta Almgren SILVER
1936 Épée, Team Birger Cederin SILVER
1936 Épée, Team Hans Drakenberg SILVER
1936 Épée, Team Gustaf Dyrssen SILVER
1936 Épée, Team Hans Granfelt SILVER
1948 Épée, Team Carl Forssell BRONZE
1948 Épée, Team Bengt Ljungquist BRONZE
1948 Épée, Team Frank Cervell BRONZE
1948 Épée, Team Per Hjalmar Carleson BRONZE
1948 Épée, Team Sven Thofelt BRONZE
1948 Épée, Team Arne Tollbom BRONZE
1952 Épée, Team Per Hjalmar Carleson SILVER
1952 Épée, Team Sven Fahlman SILVER
1952 Épée, Team Bengt Ljungquist SILVER
1952 Épée, Team Lennart Magnusson SILVER
1952 Épée, Team Berndt-Otto Rehbinder SILVER
1952 Épée, Team Carl Forssell SILVER
1976 Épée, Team Göran Flodström GOLD
1976 Épée, Team Rolf Edling GOLD
1976 Épée, Team Leif Högström GOLD
1976 Épée, Team Hans Jacobson GOLD
1976 Épée, Team Carl von Essen GOLD
1980 Épée, Individual Johan Harmenberg GOLD
1984 Épée, Individual Björne Våggö SILVER

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