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South Korea

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1964 Freestyle Flyweight Chang-Sun Chang SILVER
1976 Freestyle Flyweight Hae-Sup Jeon BRONZE
1976 Freestyle Featherweight Jung-Mo Yang GOLD
1984 Greco-Roman Flyweight Dae-Du Bang BRONZE
1984 Greco-Roman Featherweight Weon-Kee Kim GOLD
1984 Freestyle Light Flyweight 48kg Gab-Do Son BRONZE
1984 Freestyle Flyweight 52kg Jong-Kyu Kim SILVER
1984 Freestyle Bantamweight 57kg Eui-Kon Kim BRONZE
1984 Freestyle Featherweight 62kg Jung-Keun Lee BRONZE
1984 Freestyle Lightweight 68kg In-Tak You GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Flyweight Jae-Suk Lee BRONZE
1988 Greco-Roman Featherweight Dae-Hyun An BRONZE
1988 Greco-Roman Lightweight Sung-Moon Kim SILVER
1988 Greco-Roman Welterweight Young-Nam Kim GOLD
1988 Greco-Roman Middleweight Sang-Kyu Kim BRONZE
1988 Freestyle Bantamweight 57kg Kyung-Sun Noh BRONZE
1988 Freestyle Lightweight 68kg Jang-Soon Park SILVER
1988 Freestyle Middleweight 82kg Myung-Woo Han GOLD
1988 Freestyle Light Heavyweight 90kg Tae-Woo Kim BRONZE
1992 Greco-Roman Flyweight Kyung-Kap Min BRONZE
1992 Greco-Roman Bantamweight Han-Bong An GOLD
1992 Freestyle Light Flyweight 48kg Jong-Shin Kim SILVER
1992 Freestyle Welterweight 74kg Jang-Soon Park GOLD
1996 Greco-Roman Light Flyweight 48kg Kwon-Ho Sim GOLD
1996 Freestyle Featherweight 62kg Jae-Sung Jang SILVER
1996 Freestyle Welterweight 74kg Jang-Soon Park SILVER
1996 Freestyle Middleweight 82kg Hyun-Mo Yang SILVER
2000 Greco-Roman Flyweight 54kg Kwon-Ho Sim GOLD
2000 Greco-Roman Bantamweight 58kg In-Sub Kim SILVER
2000 Freestyle Featherweight 63kg Jae-Sung Jang BRONZE
2000 Freestyle Welterweight 76kg Eui-Jae Moon SILVER
2004 Greco-Roman 60kg Ji-Hyun Jung GOLD
2004 Freestyle 84kg Men Eui-Jae Moon SILVER
2008 Greco-Roman 55kg Park EunChul BRONZE

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