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Czechoslovakia (until 1992)

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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1964 Soccer Jan Brumovsky SILVER
1964 Soccer Ludevít Cvetler SILVER
1964 Soccer Ján Geleta SILVER
1964 Soccer Frantisek Knebort SILVER
1964 Soccer Karel Knesl SILVER
1964 Soccer Karel Lichtnégl SILVER
1964 Soccer Vojtech Masny SILVER
1964 Soccer Stefan Matlák SILVER
1964 Soccer Karel Nepomucky SILVER
1964 Soccer Zdenek Picman SILVER
1964 Soccer Frantisek Schmucker SILVER
1964 Soccer Ivan Mráz SILVER
1964 Soccer Anton Svajlen SILVER
1964 Soccer Anton Urban SILVER
1964 Soccer Frantisek Valosek SILVER
1964 Soccer Josef Vojta SILVER
1964 Soccer Vladimír Weiss SILVER
1980 Soccer Jan Berger GOLD
1980 Soccer Ladislav Vízek GOLD
1980 Soccer Rostislav Václavícek GOLD
1980 Soccer Jindrich Svoboda GOLD
1980 Soccer Petr Nemec GOLD
1980 Soccer Stanislav Seman GOLD
1980 Soccer Zdenek Sreiner GOLD
1980 Soccer Frantisek Stambacher GOLD
1980 Soccer Lubos Pokluda GOLD
1980 Soccer Libor Radimec GOLD
1980 Soccer Oldrich Rott GOLD
1980 Soccer Zdenek Rygel GOLD
1980 Soccer Josef Mazura GOLD
1980 Soccer Werner Licka GOLD
1980 Soccer Ludek Macela GOLD
1980 Soccer Frantisek Kunzo GOLD

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