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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1992 Baseball Omar Ajete GOLD
1992 Baseball Rolando Arrojo GOLD
1992 Baseball José Delgado GOLD
1992 Baseball Giorge Diaz GOLD
1992 Baseball Osvaldo Fernández GOLD
1992 Baseball José Estrada GOLD
1992 Baseball Lourdes Gurriel GOLD
1992 Baseball Alberto Hernández GOLD
1992 Baseball Orlando Hernández GOLD
1992 Baseball Orestes Kindelán GOLD
1992 Baseball Omar Linares GOLD
1992 Baseball Germán Mesa GOLD
1992 Baseball Víctor Mesa GOLD
1992 Baseball Juan Padilla GOLD
1992 Baseball Juan Pérez GOLD
1992 Baseball Antonio Pacheco GOLD
1992 Baseball Luis Ulacia GOLD
1992 Baseball Ermidelio Urrutia GOLD
1992 Baseball Jorge Valdés GOLD
1992 Baseball Lázaro Vargas GOLD
1996 Baseball Lázaro Vargas GOLD
1996 Baseball Luis Ulacia GOLD
1996 Baseball Antonio Scull GOLD
1996 Baseball Antonio Pacheco GOLD
1996 Baseball Osmany Romero GOLD
1996 Baseball Eduardo Paret GOLD
1996 Baseball Juan Padilla GOLD
1996 Baseball Eliecer Montes GOLD
1996 Baseball Omar Luis GOLD
1996 Baseball Omar Linares GOLD
1996 Baseball Juan Manrique GOLD
1996 Baseball Orestes Kindelán GOLD
1996 Baseball Rey Isaac GOLD
1996 Baseball Pedro Lazo GOLD
1996 Baseball Alberto Hernández GOLD
1996 Baseball José Estrada GOLD
1996 Baseball Jorge Fumero GOLD
1996 Baseball José Ariel GOLD
1996 Baseball Miguel Caldes GOLD
1996 Baseball Omar Ajete GOLD
2000 Baseball Omar Ajete SILVER
2000 Baseball Yovany Aragon SILVER
2000 Baseball Miguel Caldes SILVER
2000 Baseball Danel Castro SILVER
2000 Baseball Yasser Gomez SILVER
2000 Baseball Yobal Duenas SILVER
2000 Baseball Jose Ibar SILVER
2000 Baseball Pedro Lazo SILVER
2000 Baseball Jose Ariel Contreras SILVER
2000 Baseball Orestes Kindelán SILVER
2000 Baseball Juan Manrique SILVER
2000 Baseball Omar Linares SILVER
2000 Baseball Javier Mendez SILVER
2000 Baseball Rolando Merino SILVER
2000 Baseball Germán Mesa SILVER
2000 Baseball Ariel Pestano SILVER
2000 Baseball Oscar Macias SILVER
2000 Baseball Maels Rodriguez SILVER
2000 Baseball Antonio Pacheco SILVER
2000 Baseball Gabriel Pierre SILVER
2000 Baseball Antonio Scull SILVER
2000 Baseball Luis Ulacia SILVER
2000 Baseball Lazaro Valle SILVER
2000 Baseball Norge Vera SILVER
2004 Baseball Norge Vera GOLD
2004 Baseball Manuel Vega  GOLD
2004 Baseball Osmani Urrutia  GOLD
2004 Baseball Eriel Sanchez  GOLD
2004 Baseball Yoandri Urgelles  GOLD
2004 Baseball Antonio Scull GOLD
2004 Baseball Carlos Tabares GOLD
2004 Baseball Alexei Ramirez  GOLD
2004 Baseball Ariel Pestano GOLD
2004 Baseball Eduardo Paret GOLD
2004 Baseball Danny Miranda GOLD
2004 Baseball Roger Machado GOLD
2004 Baseball Frank Montieth GOLD
2004 Baseball Vicyohandri Odelin  GOLD
2004 Baseball Adiel Palma Lopez GOLD
2004 Baseball Jonder Martinez  GOLD
2004 Baseball Pedro Lazo GOLD
2004 Baseball Yulieski Gourriel  GOLD
2004 Baseball Michel Enriquez  GOLD
2004 Baseball Norberto Gonzalez  GOLD
2004 Baseball Frederich Cepeda  GOLD
2004 Baseball Yorelvis Charles  GOLD
2004 Baseball Danny Betancourt  GOLD
2004 Baseball Luis Borroto  GOLD
2008 Baseball Alexei Bell SILVER
2008 Baseball Alfredo Despaigne SILVER
2008 Baseball Frederich Cepeda  SILVER
2008 Baseball Norberto González SILVER
2008 Baseball Michel Enríquez SILVER
2008 Baseball Giorvis Duvergel SILVER
2008 Baseball Yulieski Gourriel  SILVER
2008 Baseball Miguel La Hera SILVER
2008 Baseball Jonder Martínez SILVER
2008 Baseball Alexander Mayeta SILVER
2008 Baseball Pedro Luis Lazo SILVER
2008 Baseball Adiel Palma Lopez SILVER
2008 Baseball Vicyohandry Odelín SILVER
2008 Baseball Héctor Olivera SILVER
2008 Baseball Luis Navas SILVER
2008 Baseball Rolando Meriño SILVER
2008 Baseball Eduardo Paret SILVER
2008 Baseball Yadier Pedroso SILVER
2008 Baseball Ariel Pestano SILVER
2008 Baseball Luis Rodríguez SILVER
2008 Baseball Elier Sánchez SILVER
2008 Baseball Yoandri Urgelles  SILVER
2008 Baseball Eriel Sánchez SILVER
2008 Baseball Norge Vera SILVER

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