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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1992 Half Lightweight (52kg) Women Zhongyun Li BRONZE
1992 Half Middleweight (61kg) Women Di Zhang BRONZE
1992 Heavyweight Women Xiaoyan Zhuang GOLD
1996 Middleweight (66kg) Women Xianbo Wang BRONZE
1996 Heavyweight Women Fuming Sun GOLD
2000 Half Lightweight (52kg) Women Yuxiang Liu BRONZE
2000 Half Middleweight (63kg) Women Shufang Li SILVER
2000 Half Heavyweight (78kg) Women Lin Tang GOLD
2000 Heavyweight (+78kg) Women Hua Yuan GOLD
2004 Extra Lightweight (48kg) Women Feng Gao BRONZE
2004 Half Lightweight (52kg) Women Dongmei Xian GOLD
2004 Middleweight (70kg) Women Dongya Qin BRONZE
2004 Half Heavyweight (78kg) Women Xia Liu SILVER
2004 Heavyweight (+78kg) Women Fuming Sun BRONZE
2008 Half Lightweight (52kg) Women Xian Dongmei GOLD
2008 Lightweight (57kg) Women Xu Yan BRONZE
2008 Half Heavyweight (78kg) Women Yang Xiuli GOLD
2008 Heavyweight (+78kg) Women Tong Wen GOLD

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