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Year Event Athlete Result Medal
1908 Freestyle Bantamweight Aubert Côté BRONZE
1928 Freestyle Bantamweight James Trifunov BRONZE
1928 Freestyle Welterweight Maurice Letchford BRONZE
1928 Freestyle Middleweight Donald Stockton SILVER
1932 Freestyle Welterweight Daniel MacDonald SILVER
1936 Freestyle Welterweight Joseph Schleimer BRONZE
1984 Freestyle Middleweight 82kg Chris Rinke BRONZE
1984 Freestyle Super Heavyweight Robert Molle SILVER
1992 Freestyle Super Heavyweight Jeffrey Thue SILVER
1996 Freestyle Bantamweight 57kg Giya Sissaouri SILVER
2000 Freestyle Lightweight 69kg Daniel Igali GOLD
2004 Freestyle 55kg Women Tonya Verbeek SILVER
2008 Freestyle 48kg Women Carol Huynh GOLD
2008 Freestyle 55kg Women Tonya Verbeek BRONZE

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